How to Reduce Your Jealousy

How to Reduce Your Jealously in One Easy Lesson

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Have you ever been living life and then see something someone else has and you really want it?


Or listen to others talk about places they’ve been, and you wish you were the one talking about your trip?


Jealousy can creep up on the best of us. Yet, we often fail to realize how jealousy can drive our business decisions. 


In business, jealousy can cause us to make decisions that our company can not support financially or productively; which places the company under stress.


Understanding the difference between jealously and a true desire for business growth will help you realize your business’ potential for growth.


As business owners, we always want our business to grow and offer customers the best of what the market has to offer. When we see other businesses buying more or offering more to their customers, we get the urge to expand, even if our business is not ready for an expansion.


Your goal is to acknowledge what is driving you in your business – is it “jealousy” or is it “vision”.

When setting goals for business growth take a good look at your business finances, market patterns, your business income patterns and the cost of the growth. Making educated decisions about growth will put you in a place of contentment during the period of growth.

There’re two types of jealousy that will destroy your business…


When jealously becomes obsessive, you will make decisions that can put your business under financial stress, employee stress, or owner stress. Business jealousy that is obsessive can drive you to purchase equipment, provide services or products that the business may not be ready for, or may not have the customer base for. Basically, you will have spent money that your business cannot afford to spend.


Trying to reduce obsessive jealously will take self-control and business responsibility to successfully reduce the strain it will cause your businesses.


Impulse buying can be a sign of jealously. You see the latest upgrade to equipment or technology and rush out to buy it without considering the consequences. Making business decisions without looking at your company’s health, market patterns or the cost of these decisions, can put your business growth in jeopardy.


Before buying the newest upgrade or investing in the newest trend, spend time researching how this purchase will benefit your business. Too many businesses fail when the impulsiveness drives your decisions.


Are you driven by jealousy?


Turn your jealousy into vision, take those ideas and make a plan for your future. When you turn obsessiveness and impulsiveness into vision you will see the benefits from slowing down and making educated decisions about our business growth.


Your goal as a business owner is to create a business that creates happy customers who want more of your product and services. The only way both will happen is if you take your jealousy and make it work for you.


How have you seen jealousy drive your business decisions?